Grado is not so much about being explored by car, for instance, given its lagoon-like structure and by force of the fact most of the historical center is a pedestrian area. Thus, getting around on foot as well as resorting to the public means of transport are the best solutions for people who want to search out Grado. Getting around by bike is, it too, an inspired alternative.

By bus

The main bus operator in Grado is APT Gorizia. The company has a network of lines stretching throughout the province of Gorizia, to which Grado, for that matter, pertains from an administrative point of view. Tourists can rely on the APT buses in order to explore the surroundings of Grado, but they can also use them in order to get around in Grado. In order to find out about the bus stations, to learn about the ticket prices and travel regulations, please use the following information:

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia
19, Piazzale Martiri della Liberta d’Italia, 34170, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0481 593506 / 0039 0481 593557 / 0039 800 955957
0039 0481 593555
[email protected]

By bike

Getting around in Grado by bike should be a rewarding experience. The island of Grado is crossed through by a 13 kilometers long cycle path which, at least in part, overlaps Via Monfalcone, the largest thoroughfare in Grado. By following this path and its bifurcations, cyclists can tick off all the important tourist areas of Grado, starting with the historical center, passing though the so-called City Garden and ending with Grado Pineta and Tenuta Primero. While cycling on this path, tourists get the chance of observing the specificity of each of these areas.

Tourists keen on cycling should definitely resort to the services provided by the bike hotels or to the hotels which include bike rental in their offers, being known the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia holds bike tourism in great respect.

On foot

Clearly, one can not explore the entire island of Grado on foot, but parts of it, such as the historical center, are definitely worth searching out this way. Thus, one has the opportunity to stumble upon the less visible attractions of Grado and get a solid grasp of the picturesque and less mainstream side of the island.

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