Golf in Grado

Golf Club Grado There is a single golf club in Grado, namely, Golf Club Grado. The venue is nationwide appreciated for the beauty of the scenery it is set... Golf in Grado

Horse riding in Grado

Grado is a destination tourists can regard as a tremendous source of water entertainment gratification, but this aspect does not exhaust the tourist richness of the island. Grado is also... Horse riding in Grado

Tennis in Grado

Playing tennis is also possible in Grado. There are a few centers providing both a reliable platform for playing tennis, as well as tennis lessons for children and adults alike.... Tennis in Grado

Cycling in Grado

Grado is provided with a 13-kilometer cycle path which, roughly speaking, overlaps Via Monfalcone, the most important thoroughfare crossing the island. Cycle tourism might not be at its best in... Cycling in Grado

Water sports in Grado

Much of Grado’s tourist reputation is based on its status of beach resort. Water sports go hand in hand with the idea of vacations spent in such resorts, which is... Water sports in Grado

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