Historical center of Grado

The historical center of Grado concentrates the highest density of historical edifices and vestiges in the entire Grado. It is circumscribed by the former historical castrum of Grado. Basically, the... Historical center of Grado

Citta Giardino

Citta Giardino (in translation, City Garden) is, by far, the most sparkling area in Grado. The tourist infrastructure of Citta Giardino is highly developed, with plenty of accommodation solutions to... Citta Giardino

Grado Pineta

Grado Pineta is famed for its old rich pine forests (pineta meaning in Italian pine forest) which neighbor on the beach. Plenty of tourists choose Grado Pineta precisely due to... Grado Pineta

Tenuta Primero

Some 9 kilometers are interposed between the historical center of Grado and Tenuta Primero. The latter is located at the very entrance on the island of Grado, and, in fact,... Tenuta Primero

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