Thermal Baths and Public baths

Grado adds to its summer holiday offer another appealing suggestion: the Thermal Water Park is just few meters from the Main Beach. The sea generously provides beneficial remedies, well being and enjoyment for everybody.

The Thermal Water Park is placed near the main beach, in an ocean of green vegetation. The water park welcomes its guests with a very large sea water swimming pool, hydro massage, waterfall massage jets, water chutes, diving boards, a refreshing bar with underwater seats and soft drinks and a children amusement park.

The Thermal Water Park is open May to September.

Grado Hot Springs

The water and sand on the island of Grado yield a bathing area rich in history and artistic beauty that boasts of a climate protected from air pollution. Blessed by nature and ably improved by man,these natural resources make this area an important spa for those seeking health and well being. Through a filtering and heating process and by means of a special treatment of the sea water, the waters are then ready to be used in numerous balneotherapy treatments. The sand, heated by the sun, is applied in the famous "sand baths" of Grado.

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