Grado is nationwide famed for being a family-oriented resort. In fact, this feature describes best in a nutshell what Grado is from a tourist point of view. Much of this... Generalities

Jolly Costa Azzurra

Costa Azzurra is the westernmost beach in Grado. It is one of the beaches where tourists can enter for free. The beach provides a series of services that must be... Jolly Costa Azzurra

Stabilimento Tivoli

Stabilimento Tivoli is located just nearby Costa Azzurra. Renting sunshades and lounge chairs, or even boats, for that matter, always comes with a price on this beach, but substantial discounts... Stabilimento Tivoli

Stabilimento Piper

Stabilimento Piper neighbors on Stabilimento Tivoli. Ristorante Pizzeria Piper complements sunbathing moments with the invitation to enjoy the delights of Italian and local traditional cuisine. Name: ... Stabilimento Piper

Stabilimento Key West

Key West is located just nearby Stabilimento Piper, and it is the last beach on the southwest shore of Grado. Name: Stabilimento Key West ... Stabilimento Key West

Spiaggia Principale

The Main Beach of Grado is, as some might rightfully believe, the liveliest and most impeccable beach in Grado. The beach amounts to some 3 kilometers in length, and it... Spiaggia Principale

Al Bosco

Al Bosco is the private beach which pertains to one of the most notable camping sites in Grado, namely, Campig al Bosco. The beach stretches on 1 kilometer of fine... Al Bosco

Spiaggia Airone

Spiaggia Airone is located in the splendid Grado Pineta. It is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Grado, which is always reassuring for people traveling together with their pets.... Spiaggia Airone

Stabilimento Pedrecca Roberto

Pedrecca Roberto is another notable beach in Grado Pineta. It neighbors on Spiaggia Airone, and it features the same composite and balanced dash yielded by the vicinity between sand, sea... Stabilimento Pedrecca Roberto

Stabilimento Punta Barbacale

Stabilimento Punta Barbacale is, it too, located in Grado Pineta, enjoying the same benefits all the other beaches in this tourist area of Grado do. Name: ... Stabilimento Punta Barbacale

Stabilimento Balneare Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is the last notable beach in Grado Pineta. It has a flexible price policy for people coming here to sunbathe, with significant discounts for guests of sundry... Stabilimento Balneare Costa del Sol

Spiaggia Tenuta Primero

Tenuta Primero is at the same time a camping site and a sports club, a vacation land in its own right. The tourist merits of Tenuta Primero have been already... Spiaggia Tenuta Primero

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