Grado is nationwide famed for being a family-oriented resort. In fact, this feature describes best in a nutshell what Grado is from a tourist point of view. Much of this reputation is owed to the beaches which border the south shore of the island.

Indeed, Grado is washed by shallow waters and the seabed sand is as fine as it gets. Children can play safely in this environment, and parents needn’t worry about the possible undesired outcomes of a day spent at the beach. In addition to all that, plenty of bathing establishments are endowed with children playing areas where the safety and the entertainment of the little ones are guaranteed.

However, another general feature of the beaches in Grado refers to the fact they are renowned for their cleanliness and degree of development in terms of facilities intended to guarantee the safety and the best leisure holidaymakers can experience in a beach resort. It’s not for nothing that Grado has been repeatedly awarded the blue flag, which is an acknowledgment of the quality time one can spend on these beaches.

The most popular beaches in Grado are, west to east, Costa Azzurra, Stabilimento Tivoli, Piper, Key West, Spiaggia Principale (the Main Beach), Al Bosco, Airone, Pedrecca Roberto, Punta Barbacale and Costa del Sol. The beach pertaining to Tenuta Primero, an important sports club and a virtually complete leisure opportunity in Grado, should also be mentioned.

Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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