Spiaggia Airone is located in the splendid Grado Pineta. It is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in Grado, which is always reassuring for people traveling together with their pets.

The beach takes pride in lacking nothing of what all the other beaches in Grado boast of. Fine sand, a fair range of facilities and a restaurant where people can have hearty meals, a mere snack or a delicious pizza, a beach pool and kids’ leisure opportunities are the chief tourist assets one can spot on Spiaggia Airone.

Obviously, this is a family-oriented beach that should be taken into consideration by people vacationing in Grado Pineta.

For further details on opening hours and prices that must be paid in order to enjoy to the full the opportunities made available at Spiaggia Airone, please use the following information:

Spiaggia Airone
Vialle dell’Orione, Grado Pineta, 34073, Grado, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0431 83630 / 0039 3290 628718
[email protected]

Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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