Grado Pineta is famed for its old rich pine forests (pineta meaning in Italian pine forest) which neighbor on the beach. Plenty of tourists choose Grado Pineta precisely due to the effect yielded by the fortunate contrast between the seascape and the wooded land surface. The visual thrill is complemented by the olfactory pleasure, since the pine forest exudes constantly a discreet resin-scented flow which can only delight tourists.

The beaches in Grado Pineta are often chosen precisely for the advantage of being located along the woods. Spiaggia Al Bosco, Spiaggia Airone and Stabilimento Balneare Costa del Sol are just a few examples of the bathing establishments located in Grado Pineta. They all come with their share of leisure opportunities, but the chief benefit is, again, their proximity to the pine forest.

Given the nature set of Grado Pineta, the area is ideal for tourists in search of vacations spent in less mainstream circumstances. This request is capitalized on, for instance, by the so-called Camping al Bosco, a large camping site stretching inside the pine forest and offering the opportunity to live a holiday in the very bosom of nature.

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Grado Pineta
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Grado Pineta, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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