National Museum of Archeology

The National Museum of Archeology of Aquileia is situated in the historical center of the city, being hosted by Villa Cassis, which was built between 1812 and 1825. The Villa... National Museum of Archeology

Early Christian Museum

The Museum of Early Christianity in Aquileia is a museum with very special features: the building where it is hosted is a 15 centuries old Christian basilica which has been... Early Christian Museum

National Museum of Underwater Archeology

Iulia Felix, a shipwreck dating back to Roman times, was discovered in the late 1980s, and it is likely to be the most eye-catching exhibit at Museo Nazionale dellĀ“Archeologia Subacquea... National Museum of Underwater Archeology

Archeological Areas of Aquileia

The Archeological Areas in Aquileia are represented by four distinct complexes of discoveries, each of them concentrating a different type of architectural structures. Chiefly, they refer to the Forum, to... Archeological Areas of Aquileia

Miramare Castle of Trieste

The Miramare Castle is one of the most notable attractions nearby the city of Trieste, being located on the very coast of the province. It is a place of considerable... Miramare Castle of Trieste

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