Some 9 kilometers are interposed between the historical center of Grado and Tenuta Primero. The latter is located at the very entrance on the island of Grado, and, in fact, it is more of a vacation village fitted with all necessary amenities to make a vacation complete.

Tenuta Primero is in part a sports club, its most prized asset in this respect referring to Golf Club Grado, the only golf playing opportunity on the island. The tennis courts and the swimming pools must be mentioned, whereas surfing and plenty other sports can be indulged in by tourists who choose to accommodate at Tenuta Primero.

Speaking about accommodation, Tenuta Primero is also a camping site, which is not something to disregard by tourists who want a nature set for their vacation.

Other leisure opportunities within Tenuta Primero refer to the beach that pertains to this vacation land, as well as to it spa and wellness facilities. Roughly speaking, Tenuta Primero successfully tries to provide all the ingredients necessary for an impeccable vacation. Thus, its offers should carefully be checked out by tourists who intend to head for Grado.

For a thorough description of Tenuta Primero and of the tourist opportunities it makes available, use the following information:

Tenuta Primero

Tenuta Primero
14, Via Monfalcone, 34073, Grado, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0431 896900
0039 0431 896901
[email protected]

Tenuta Primero, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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