As the name suggests, Laguna Movies and Laguna Cartoons is an event focusing on the display of cinematographic achievements. What is special about this film event is it takes into account a large range of film genres, realized both for the big and for the small screen. Each year, organizers focus on particular themes, such as the art of soundtracks or the art of subtitling and dubbing films.

On top of that, the event stands out by its open-air projections in the magical set yielded by the Grado Lagoon and by the historical center of the island. Thus, a new light is cast on Grado, highlighting, by contrast to the contemporary art of film making, the traditional and centuries-old patrimony of Grado: the casoni and the landmarks on the historical center. As a rule, it is held in the first half of August.

For complete information on the event, follow the indications featured below:

Laguna Movies and Laguna Cartoons

Laguna di Grado, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

Laguna di Grado, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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