As the name might suggest, Laguna Golosa is an event chiefly designed to titillate the culinary appetite for new gastronomic experiences and discoveries, at least as dainty feeders that happen to visit Grado in early September are concerned.

It’s true the long-term purpose of the event is to enhance the visibility of a highly prized tourist resource of the Sunny Island and of its lagoon, that is, the traditional cuisine. However, taking into account the gastronomic and oenological tours have been designed such as to acquaint visitors with some of the most picturesque islets on the Grado Lagoon, one might state the unveiling of the nature and historical asset of Grado is also envisaged by organizers.

Thus, even if for only a short period of time, the traditional casoni in the lagoon turn into the chief source of culinary thrills for visitors of Grado, serving nothing but the best of the local and regional traditional specialties, along with the top wines produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Roughly speaking, Laguna Golosa reveal what Grado is in the unity of its gastronomic flavors, nature trumps and traditional way of life.

For complete information on the event, follow the indications featured below:

Laguna Golosa

Laguna di Grado, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

Laguna di Grado, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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