A call at Udine for people decided to explore Friuli Venezia Giulia to the full extent of its tourist richness is necessary. Udine does feature its attractions and objectives, but what is truly inviting is its friendly and welcoming atmosphere all visitors should duly appreciate.

By bus

APT Gorizia does not provide a direct bus connection between Grado and Udine, but getting to Udine by bus is possible by resorting to sundry combinations of lines. One of the most efficient of the said combinations refers to traveling first to Monfalcone by resorting to bus lines 21 and 26, and then head directly to Udine by means of bus line 51.

For complete information on ticket prices, schedules and stops, use the following indications:

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia
19, Piazzale Martiri della Liberta d’Italia, 34170, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0481 593506 / 0039 0481 593557 / 0039 800 955957
0039 0481 593555
[email protected]

By train

Tourists can also take the train in order to reach to Udine. To this purpose, the curious must first head either for Monfalcone (by resorting to bus lines 21 and 26) or for Cervignano del Friuli (by means of bus lines 26 and 59). 27 trains a day cover the distance between Monfalcone and Udine, whereas the connection between Cervignano and Udine is ensured by 14 trays each day. For complete details on the trains departing from Monfalcone and Cervignano to Udine, please visit Trenitalia.

Udine, Italy

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