The Postojna Cave is one of the most spectacular tourist objectives in Slovenia, and the proximity of the cave to the Italian border should work as an incentive for people accommodated in Grado. Thus, their curiosity should be stimulated enough, mostly due to the fact the cave does draw a genuine naturalistic interest, and its tourist infrastructure is highly developed.

From Grado to Monfalcone by bus

In order to actually get to the Postojna Cave, tourists should first get to Monfalcone. APT Gorizia is the main bus operator within the province of Gorizia, and its reliable intercity network of lines is able to provide connections between Grado and sundry other cities within the province, Monfalcone included. Line 1 and line 21 come in handy for direct connections to Monfalcone.

For complete information on ticket prices, schedules, lines and stops, use the following indications:

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia
19, Piazzale Martiri della Liberta d’Italia, 34170, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0481 593506 / 0039 0481 593557 / 0039 800 955957
0039 0481 593555
[email protected]

From Monfalcone to Postojna by train

After arriving at Monfalcone, the easiest way to get to Postojna is to get a train. The main difficulty in this case is there is only one train linking Monfalcone to Postojna, and it travels only from 10pm to midnight (the approximate duration of the trip), which is more of a hindrance. However, it does stand out as a possible alternative.

For complete details on the train from Monfalcone to Postojna, please visit Trenitalia.

Postojna, Slovenia

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