From a tourist point of view, Pordenone makes its way through by being one of the liveliest cities in Friuli Venezia Giulia, artistically speaking. Plenty of art-related events are hosted in Pordenone, but on top of that, the city features a fairly consistent architectural and historical patrimony, not to mention the nature attractions scattered in its surroundings.

By train

The least troublesome manner of getting to Pordenone from Grado is to get the train. Since Grado does not have a train station, tourists who want to diversify their stay in Grado by visiting Pordenone are advised to head either for Cervignano del Friuli or for Monfalcone. Monfalcone remains the most convenient alternative, however, since the trains departing from Monfalcone to Pordenone provide direct trips, whereas tourists who opt for Cervignano must usually change trains at either Monfalcone or Udine.

So, in order to get to Monfalcone, bus lines 21 and 26 are what they need to take into consideration. From there, 15 trains a day ensure the connection to Pordenone. For complete details on the trains departing from Monfalcone and Cervignano to Udine, please visit Trenitalia.

Pordenone, Italy

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