Stretching along the Slovenian border, Gorizia is first and foremost a city bristling with historical attractions. The famed Pizza Transalpina is, perhaps, one of the highlights of Gorizia in this respect, being known this is the place through where part of the Slovenian border is actually located. This state of affairs is due to the fact, as most advised tourists already know, Gorizia used to integrate the nowadays Nova Gorica, from which it was separated subsequently to World War Two.

Gorizia also boasts of its Medieval and Modern architecture patrimony, with a wealth of palaces scattered throughout the city.

By bus

There is no better and more efficient way to get from Grado to Gorizia than traveling by bus. APT Gorizia has conceived two lines dedicated to covering the distance between Grado and the city, that is, line 1 and line 22. Tourists can also opt for traveling by train, but this is a more complicated alternative, yet, an alternative all the same.

For complete information on ticket prices, schedules and stops, use the following indications:

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia
19, Piazzale Martiri della Liberta d’Italia, 34170, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0481 593506 / 0039 0481 593557 / 0039 800 955957
0039 0481 593555
[email protected]

Gorizia, Italy

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