Cividale del Friuli features an impressive historical patrimony. This is, in fact, the main tourist trump of the city, and its consistency should manage to convince people passionate about historical tours to visit Cividale del Friuli despite the fairly long distance between Grado and the city (60 kilometers).

By bus

APT Gorizia does not provide a direct connection between Grado and Cividale del Friuli. However, bus line combinations are possible, and the most straightforward is to travel first to Gorizia and then head for Cividale. Thus, visitors of Grado should combine bus line 1 or bus line 22 to Gorizia with bus line 23 to Cividale.

For complete information on ticket prices, schedules and stops, use the following indications:

APT Gorizia

APT Gorizia
19, Piazzale Martiri della Liberta d’Italia, 34170, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0481 593506 / 0039 0481 593557 / 0039 800 955957
0039 0481 593555
[email protected]

By train

Getting to Cividale by train is possible, but before actually getting into a train, tourists vacationing in Grado should first get to either Monfalcone or Cervignano del Friuli. The first alternative has the benefit of featuring more train connections to Cividale, but Cervignano is without a doubt a reliable option. For complete details on the trains departing from Monfalcone and Cervignano to Cividale, please visit Trenitalia.

Bus line 26 and bus line 59 link Cervignano to Grado, whereas line 1, line 21 and line 26 are dedicated to direct connections to Monfalcone.

Cividale del Friuli, Udine, Italy

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