Environments and fauna in the Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanata

The Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanata is part of the Grado Lagoon, being located in the easternmost side of the said lagoon. Roughly speaking, bird watching is the most gratifying tourist activity one can indulge in while exploring the reserve. The nowadays reserve used to be until not long ago an area chiefly used to economic and leisure ends, such as fishing and hunting, but as from 1996 it has been declared a protected area. Besides the Cavanata Valley proper, the reserve also comprises the Averto Channel and the surrounding forest.

The environments which shelter the impressively diverse bird life in the Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanta consist of beaches, beach arboretums, ponds and sea waters. This is a place where plenty of species come to nest or stop on their migratory route. The reserve represents a refuge for plenty other species of animals, but birds feature a particularly prominent presence here.

Tourist infrastructure and activities

The Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanata yields a great tourist opportunity for visitors who spend their vacation in Grado. Bird watching, as said, is the first thing that comes in mind when thinking about this reserve, by force of the richness and diversity of bird species living here. In order to ease bird watching and to offer tourists the possibility to make the best of this kind of activity, the authorities managing the reserve have conceived special itineraries able to unveil what is most interesting about the reserve from this point of view.

A special attention is paid to cycling. The reserve is endowed with a 7 kilometers long cycle path that starts at the Cavanata Valley and ends juts nearby the Isonzo River mouth, in a fishing village located in Punta Sdobba.

The visitors’ center should also be mentioned, as well as the so-called Azienda Agricola Tauselli, a sort of inn which serves food and provides accommodation services. The venue is located just nearby the reserve.

Contact information

For a complete description of the nature asset of the reserve, as well as for further details on the tourist activities and infrastructure within the Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanata, use the following information:

Nature Reserve of Valle Cavanata (Riserva Naturale della Valle Cavanata)
Grado Lagoon, Grado, Gorizia, Italy
0039 0431 88272
0039 0431 88272
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Laguna di Grado, Grado, Gorizia, Italy

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